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Starting from $299
Since diamond prices usually reach tens of thousands of dollars, it is important to buy them directly from the manufacturer, only if you know exactly what you get what you pay for and do not overpay unscrupulous middlemen.

You changed your mind? You for any reason not approached diamond? You get a full refund within 15ti days from the date of purchase. We are always, even years later, ready to exchange your diamond for a more expensive with an additional charge! Simply choose a new, more expensive diamond and we will take back our diamond for the same price that you paid for it, subject to the preservation of all documents that you receive from us the time of purchase. We can deliver your diamond anywhere in the world, with your diamond will be insured at 100% until until it is in your hands.

NY Diamond District Jewelry is one of the world's largest centers for the processing of natural diamonds. Treated diamonds are sold primarily to wholesale customers: jewelry shops and stores. But at the Exchange can buy and private buyers as investors or collectors, in the latter case, it often comes to buying certified diamonds of 0.5 carats and above. Entrance to the Diamond Exchange only with special permits and invitation dealer. Tourists mostly in organized groups visit Diamond Museum and in the area exchange jewelry stores, getting there diamond jewelry at a premium online jewelry stores.
While the shops to buy diamonds on the Diamond Exchange directly for resale. Thus, many people mistakenly believe that the diamonds purchased at the Diamond Exchange, although in fact there and so were not included. For customers who want to buy diamonds in the amount of $ 2500, we are an official dealer of the Diamond Exchange, issue a special invitation for personal badge. For tourists from abroad we organize full support, transfer to the exchange, up to the selection of hotels, airline tickets and any other organizational issues.